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Food@Manchester seeks to showcase the vibrant and diverse array of food research taking place at the University of Manchester.

Our articles and videos feature the Universities leading academics talking about their areas of expertise connecting to the big picture and context of the work going on at the University.

We are a continually growing research network and if you would like to feature in or contribute to a Food@Manchester blog post then simply get in touch.

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Thanks to the generous support of The University of Manchester Research Institute, there is now a dynamic body of electronic material highlighting a snapshot of the range of research currently being conducted here at the University of Manchester which includes: obesity and night eating, eating habits of British people, eco-innovation, climate change mitigation in the food system, ecological theory and adapting sensor informatics technology. Click here to watch now.

These materials feature researchers from all four faculties across at The University of Manchester including:

Dr Bruce Grieve – School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Dr Jacqueline Cleator – School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work

Dr Alice Bows-Larkin – School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering

Dr Josephine Mylan – Manchester Business School

Dr Jennifer Rowntree – Faculty of Life Sciences

Prof. Alan Warde – Sustainable Consumption Institute, School of Sociology